EcoRich Grazing

EcoRich Grazing are the land management specialists for successful graziers.

We create sustainably profitable pastures and wealthier lifestyles for farming families, by combining proven scientifically measurable techniques with over thirty years industry experience.

With over 30 years experience in research, development and extension in the grazing lands of northern Australia, Col can help you fine tune management strategies:
– to improve land condition, carrying capacity and profitability
– to optimise the balance of trees and grass
– for grazing systems that suit your management style
– for increasing livewieght gains of your stock
– for establishing improved pastures
– for monitoring land condition and complying with leasehold requirements under Delbessie

We can also help you seek fair compensation for mining related activities on your property using an objective, scientific and defensible system.

Phone us today on 0427 006 235 to discuss how we can assist you, or email enquiries to

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